Why we started Skeeter & Friends Farm:
My family has many Food and Drug Allergies, so we packed up our family and moved to the country, to start a small Hobby Farm for ourselves. Through the years we have added Chickens, Ducks and now Goats on our farm.

(NO Hormones , NO Antibiotic , NO GMO, NO Soy) , We never feed our Goats, Ducks or Chickens anything we are allergic to.  The Goats, Ducks and Chickens eat healthy veggies, fruits, nuts,seeds and hays, as well as being allowed to free range during the daylight hours. The animals are only locked up at night and only to keep them safe from predators. They have a radio that plays 89.3 KSBJ, 24/7, so they are not afraid of what might be making other noises in the woods around them. They get spooked if the radio is not on and they will not lay eggs or produce much milk.

Now that we are empty nesters( never an empty poultry nest; hee hee) we have an over abundance, so now we sell Goats Milk by the pint or quart, Duck Eggs by the dozen or half dozen and Chicken Eggs by the dozen or half dozen to other families wishing to provide a healthy alternative.   We also sell frozen Poultry by the pound, if ordered 2 weeks in advance.

If you are allergic to chicken eggs or suffer from Acid Re-flux, like I am, then duck eggs are a delicious, fluffier,  alkaline alternative. They are delicious fried, scrambled or in an omelet. Try using them for baking Gluten Free breads, cakes, pastries or souffles; they will allow your dishes to rise and come out creamy, moist, and fluffy. Use the duck eggs for an egg wash instead of chicken eggs before baking for a delicious fluffier/flakier crust.

Our Goats Milk is fresh daily and from our dwarf- LaMacha Nigerian dairy goats. The milk is very creamy and can be ordered special for drinking or making your own butter or cheeses.  Our Chicken and Duck eggs are always fresh from the nest daily and in abundance.

We have a variety of colored chicken egg in several sizes starting at Large and going up to King Size.  We do offer all Green Eggs by the dozen for faux painting, if desired.

Hours of Operation:
Please call for availability, then text your order and wait for confirmation before coming. Pick up times are by appointment only, but we try to work around your schedule.

Skeeter & Friends: 281-761-5570                                          SkeeterAndFriends@comcast.net                                                                         11011 Solomon Rd. Tomball Texas 77375

We have an alternate pickup location Monday through Friday in the area of 290 and Telge Rd; but that requires at least two day’s notice and you may only pay with cash and exact change is required.

We are located in Northwest Houston close to Highway 249 between Tomball and FM 1960 (Cypress Creek Parkway) near the intersection of Highway 249 and Spring Cypress off Hufsmith-Kohrville Rd (FM 2978); just North of the Coffee-Icon shop). When you turn onto Solomon Rd, continue for 1/4 mile until it dead ends into a dirt road.  We are the second house on the left after turning onto the dirt road.