Our ducks eat a high protein diet that includes fresh produce, grass, straw, and hay.  They are kept in a large fenced-in area and are locked in a pen at night to keep them safe from predators.


Our ducks lay fresh eggs every morning and then spend the rest of the day playing and relaxing.




As you can see, duck eggs are much larger than chicken eggs and will not fit in a standard sized chicken egg container.



Duck eggs are also more nutritious than chicken eggs.  And if you are allergic to chicken eggs, like I am; there is a good chance you can eat duck eggs.


FYI, duck eggs are also very dirty and smelly when they come from the nest.  So if you wonder why they are more expensive than chicken eggs; this is part of the reason; as each of our eggs have to be hand scrubbed to get them clean.


Paleo Foods: Duck Eggs